Schools and Families Course

Schools and Families Course


Aimed at those who are aware of the health risks of wireless devices and are looking for practical ways to manage the risks. If you own a smartphone, a tablet or wearable device and have Wi-Fi at home, this course is designed to help explain the basics of your wireless technology. At the end of the course, you will have an overview of what it is, how to use it more safely and reduce your levels of exposure to microwave radiation.

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Duration: Approximately 40 minutes
Course Description:

The course covers:

  • The history of the research conducted around wireless technology
  • What microwave radiation is and why it could be bad for you
  • Details about the regulations and standards for microwave radiation exposure
  • A look at Electro Sensitivity (ES) and how to spot the signs
  • Medically recommended guidelines on how to make your wireless devices safer to use for you and your family
  • Practical technology tips and tricks to reduce your exposure levels at home and at school

Course Objective:

This course aims to help you make smarter choices about your wireless technology. Upon completion, you will be able to download a Tip Sheet to print and keep so you don’t have to remember it all. You may wish to post it somewhere visible to remind you of these important safety instructions.

You will also receive a certificate of completion which you can print out and keep.

All courses provided by Wireless Education are aligned to the guidance issued by The Council of Europe, The Vienna Medical Association, Building Biology Standards (SBM-2015), RNCNIRP and EUROPAEM EMF 2016.

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