Introductory Quiz

Introductory Quiz


Test your knowledge with our free introductory quiz. Learn some safety pointers for working with wireless devices.

Course Description

This interactive quiz is designed to provide a very quick overview of wireless technology: if it isn’t safe, what makes it unsafe, and what you can do to make it safer to use.

It is structured in a question and answer model, so that you can work out the best answer by reading the question and the information provided in the previous section, and deduce the correct answer. This helps you to understand what you already know, and what you need to know. It is like a puzzle.

Duration: Approximately 5 minutes


This basic overview, delivered in the form of an interactive quiz, contains seven brief sections which introduce:

  • The science behind what microwave radiation is and why it is bad for you.
  • Where you are exposed to radiation in your daily lives.
  • What doctors and medical  specialists are saying about this.
  • Tips on what you can do to make the technology safer to use for you and your children.

Once complete, you will have a very basic understanding of the subject, and will be equipped to undertake the Schools and Families course or the Corporate Safety Awareness Course.

These courses will help you to make smarter choices about your wireless technology.


Update & Notice 9th of May 2022: We are transitioning our courses to an updated website and anticipate being back on-line in June 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to serving your technology safety education needs soon!

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All of the Wireless Education Courses are aligned to the guidelines for reducing microwave exposure issued by the Vienna Medical Association, The Council of Europe, Building Biology Standards (SBM-2015) and RNCNIRP.

Here is some feedback we have received on the introductory quiz:

‘I thought the questions were excellent and the answers thought provoking.’