Introductory Course

Introductory Course


Test your knowledge with our free online quiz and learn some safety pointers for working with wireless devices.

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Duration: Approximately 10 minutes

Course Description
The basic course, delivered in the form of an interactive quiz, contains seven brief sections which introduce:

  • The basic science behind what microwave radiation is and why it is bad for you.
  • Where you are exposed to radiation in your daily lives.
  • Tips on what you can do to make the technology safer to use for you and your children.

This interactive quiz is designed to provide a basic level of education about wireless technology: if it isn’t safe, what makes it unsafe, and what you can do to make it safer to use.

It is structured in a question and answer model, so that you can work out the best answer by reading the question and the information provided in the previous section, and deduce the correct answer. A bit like a Sherlock Holmes-type puzzle.

Once complete, you should be able to make smarter choices about your wireless technology.


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