Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course


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This course is designed to provide important information about wireless technology and the non-ionising electromagnetic radiation which is used to transmit data. It simplifies and explains detailed medical science and risk management issues into easy-to-understand concepts and guidelines.

It is of particular relevance if your office uses a wireless ‘Smart’ working environment.

Intended Audience:

Technology leaders, risk managers and health and safety teams. All members of staff who are using company-provided devices like smartphones, iPads or tablets, laptops, wireless (DECT) headsets and connecting to Wi-Fi routers in the office.

Course Overview:

The course covers:

  • The Manufacturers’ instructions for use of wireless devices
  • The Risks associated with over exposure to microwave radiation
  • What Electro Sensitivity (ES) is and how to spot the symptoms early if you or staff members begin to display them.
  • Best Practice guidelines issued by authorities worldwide.
  • Technology solutions and implementation guidance for installing wireless technology with a lower risk profile.
  • Practical options for enhancing the health and wellness of staff.


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