Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course

Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course


This course is designed to provide important information about wireless technology and the non-ionising electromagnetic radiation which is used to transmit data. It simplifies and explains detailed medical science and risk management issues into easy-to-understand concepts and guidelines.

It is of particular relevance if your office uses a wireless ‘Smart’ working environment.

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Duration: Approximately 40 minutes

Intended Audience:

This course is suited to managers and staff who are using company-provided devices like smartphones, iPads or tablets, laptops, wireless (DECT) headsets and connecting to Wi-Fi routers in the office.

Course Overview:

The course covers:

  • The Manufacturers’ instructions for use of wireless devices
  • The Risks associated with over exposure to microwave radiation
  • What Electro Sensitivity (ES) is and how to spot the symptoms early if you or staff members begin to display them.
  • Best Practice guidelines issued by the Vienna Medical Association, the Council of Europe, Building Biology Standards SBM-2015, RNCNIRP and EUROPAEM EMF 2016.
  • Technology solutions and implementation guidance for installing wireless technology with a lower risk profile.
  • Practical options for enhancing the health and wellness of staff.

When completed, download a Guidance Sheet to print and keep handy so you don’t have to remember it all.

Some organisations post the Guidance Sheet on cafeteria walls, in conference rooms and other common areas as a reminder of these important safety instructions.

Employees will be emailed a Certificate on completion which can be printed out and framed.

As part of our Corporate Responsibility Program, for every Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course license purchased, we will donate a free Schools & Families Course license to the school of your choice. This community support educational initiative is helping schools around the world to implement best practice guidance.

Contact us to find out more about our Robin Hood model.

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