Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course

Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course


This course is designed to provide important, balanced, scientifically credible knowledge about wireless technology and the non-ionising electromagnetic radiation which is used to transmit data. It is of particular relevance if your office has moved to or is integrating a wireless, “smart” working environment.


Duration: Approximately 40 minutes

Intended Audience:
This course is suited to managers and staff who are using company-provided wireless devices like smartphones, iPads or tablets, wireless laptops, DECT headsets, etc., and connecting to Wi-Fi routers in the office or at home.

Course Objective:

The course teaches:

  • The extensive scientific research conducted
  • The regulatory and recommended manufacturers’ instructions for use of wireless devices
  • What Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) is and how to spot the symptoms early if you or staff members begin to display them.

After completing this course you and your staff will be able to make smarter choices surrounding company issued wireless technology.

When you have completed the course, you will be able to download a Tip Sheet to print and keep handy so you don’t have to remember it all. Some like to post it on the cafeteria wall, in conference rooms and other common areas as a reminder of these important safety instructions.

Employees will also receive a certificate of completion which can be printed out and framed, and/or submitted as evidence of training compliance.

Course Description
The specific units in the course include:

  • The history of the research conducted around wireless technology
  • What microwave radiation is and why it is bad for you.
  • Details about the regulations and standards for microwave radiation exposure
  • A look at the condition known as Electro Hyper Sensitivity and how to spot early signs
  • Medically recommended guidelines on how to make your wireless devices safer to use in the office and at home.

Contact us to find out more about our Robin Hood model. As part of our Corporate Responsibility Program, for every Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course license purchased, we will donate a free Schools & Families Course license to the school of your choice. Together we can teach safer technology practices to protect the children and staff members in our local school districts. Safe schools, healthy workplaces: a win-win for all.”

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