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Red Ginseng: First supplement to show neuroprotective effects against microwave radiation

More than 1,800 published studies now show the harmful effects of the wireless radiation that we are exposed to from all wireless and cellular transmitters. But as with all problems there are often solutions waiting to be discovered.  We now recognise we cannot live without being fully connected to the ‘Internet of Things’ in our brave new world. Any news travels around the world as fast as the social media can share it. The saying ‘We are all connected’ has never been truer at any previous point in world history.

So how do we deal with – according to numerous respected scientists – the very nasty effects of microwave radiation exposure from our wireless technology?  Aside from the common sense methods of adding distance, switching off the transmitters when not needed, and liberal use of Flight Mode on our mobile devices, what other solutions are there?

An extensive study recently published shows that Red Ginseng could act as a neuroprotective agent against damage caused by EM exposure. This is how it works:

It is has been known for decades that microwave radiation causes a breakdown in Calcium2+ homeostasis at a cellular level. If the Ca2+ mechanism is interrupted, cellular communication processes start to go wrong.

This is the first step in a downward spiral of biological failures and contributes to a stressed immune system. A compromised immune system quickly leads to many health risks, allowing viruses, toxins, and cancerous cells to run rife inside our bodies.

Red Ginseng appears to stabilise the Ca2+ mechanism, even when exposed to high levels of microwave radiation. This has been proven on laboratory animals. However, there have been no human trials yet.

Chinese medicine recognises Red Ginseng as one of the most powerful natural immune system boosters, and has done so for hundreds of years. A quick Google search reveals that there are many other published studies showing protective effects of Ginseng against a range of biological problems. These include, providing energy, improving cognitive function, anti-inflammatory effects, erectile dysfunction and cancer prevention.

From a practical point of view this could simply translate into taking a daily Ginseng supplement if you live or work in high levels of microwave radiation. The Council of Europe in 2011, and the European Citizens Initiative of 2013, defined the ‘Concern’ level of microwave radiation exposure as anything above 0.01 uW/cm2.

These levels are exceeded when near to a wireless router, active smartphone, iPad or wireless laptop. Wireless Education is dedicated to finding practical solutions to these challenges.

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