Why should I care about microwave radiation and health risks?

In 2011 The World Health Organisation IARC classified radiofrequency radiation as possibly carcinogenic • This risk classification was based on an increased risk of glioma (malignant brain tumor) and acoustic neuroma (tumor in the hearing nerve.). For heavy users, the risk increased from 30 minutes daily use. Since then, there have been studies with similar findings. Currently some heavy users use their devices over 8 hour per day.

I am an employer, why is your information important to me?

In 2015 a number of major global insurance companies started to exclude coverage for illnesses caused by chronic exposure to microwave radiation and magnetic fields. This means that many Employer Liability Insurance Cover Policies now do not provide any protection against lawsuits related to employee exposure to wireless radiation, and any subsequent illness. Employers can be held directly liable. Please contact us to arrange training courses.

As a teacher, can I use these Quizzes in schools?

Yes, the free Quiz is immediately available. If you want extra quizzes or webinars, please, contact us.

Why children are at increased risk?

Children absorb twice the microwave radiation to their head and up to three times in their brain’s hippocampus and hypothalamus than adults. Additionally, children have greater absorption in their eyes, and as much as 10-times more in their bone marrow when compared to adults.

How to play games without microwave radiation?

By turning off all wireless transmitters (mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). Please do our School and Families course to learn many useful ways of reducing exposure.

Will you have this content in other languages (Spanish, German, French etc.) ?

Yes. We prioritise content translations for areas where we have local partners who are able to assist with these translations. If you are interested in creating a course in your local language please contact us.

If I find an error in quizzes or in texts, what shall I do?

Inside our courses, on every page, there is a ‘Feedback’ box where you can let us know of any errors. Thank you in advance for helping us to maintain a high quality service.

Don’t organizations such as the ICNIRP, FDA, CDC, HPA and National Cancer Institute and the EPA say Wi-Fi is safe?

Representatives from these agencies do NOT declare that wireless is safe. They say there is inconclusive evidence and that “more research” is needed. In recent years, a number of government departments around the world have issued important guidance along the lines of ‘We recommend you reduce exposure to microwave (wireless) radiation’.

What is the problem with current exposure standards?

There are several reasons that current ICNIRP and FCC standards are considered inadequate:

  • They are out of date, having been set in 1990’s
  • The guidelines were based solely on preventing thermal effects, i.e. heating. Yet numerous peer-reviewed, published studies report non-thermal effects indicating biological changes from exposure to non-thermal radiation levels.
  • The guidelines do not account for exposure to multiple sources and only consider 6 minutes (in the USA max 30 minutes) of exposure from one device at a time.
  • The guidelines do not consider research showing that current cell phones can produce “hotspots” in the brains, and are, thus, not in fact non-thermal.
  • The guidelines were based on an adult male body’s absorption of radiation. Children’s smaller bodies and brains were not considered in the metrics.
  • The guidelines consider average exposures, not peak exposures. Research suggests our biology is affected by modulated and pulsed signals. Our cells respond to short intense bursts of radiation even if the average over time seems low.

Wireless device use and Wi-Fi router radiation is typically chronic, non-thermal radiation. We need to consider this when a child spends 1080 hours in a school each year.

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