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When people talk about radiation, we often think of Chernobyl and nuclear disasters. But what if we said that radiation exists in many forms, some of it from the wireless devices we and our children use every day?

Many of us have heard news stories about how mobile phones can give us cancer and how Wi-Fi makes people sick. Why do scientists say that? And if this is true, is it safe and can we use it safely at all? Wouldn’t we want to have the facts so that we can all make smarter technology choices for ourselves and our families?

Wireless Education is here to help you understand, in plain language, with simple terms, how to navigate the technology world we now live in. We offer a range of courses:

  • Supported by the latest researched information
  • That are easily accessible online for you to complete at your own pace
  • For less than the price of a movie ticket

Available Courses

  • Introductory Quiz

    Test your knowledge with our free introductory quiz. Learn some safety pointers for working with wireless devices.

    Course Description

    This interactive quiz is designed to provide a very quick overview of wireless technology: if it isn’t safe, what makes it unsafe, and what you can do to make it safer to use.

    It is structured in a question and answer model, so that you can work out the best answer by reading the question and the information provided in the previous section, and deduce the correct answer. This helps you to understand what you already know, and what you need to know. It is like a puzzle.

    Duration: Approximately 5 minutes


    This basic overview, delivered in the form of an interactive quiz, contains seven brief sections which introduce:

    • The science behind what microwave radiation is and why it is bad for you.
    • Where you are exposed to radiation in your daily lives.
    • What doctors and medical  specialists are saying about this.
    • Tips on what you can do to make the technology safer to use for you and your children.

    Once complete, you will have a very basic understanding of the subject, and will be equipped to undertake the Schools and Families course or the Corporate Safety Awareness Course.

    These courses will help you to make smarter choices about your wireless technology.

  • Schools and Families Course

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    If you own a smartphone, a tablet or wearable device and have Wi-Fi at home, this course is designed to help explain the basics of your wireless technology. At the end of the course, you will have an overview of what it is, how to use it more safely and reduce your levels of exposure to microwave radiation.

    Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

    The course covers:

    • The history of the research conducted around wireless technology
    • What microwave radiation is and why it could be bad for you
    • A look at Electro Sensitivity (ES) and how to spot the signs
    • Medically recommended guidelines on how to make your wireless devices safer to use for you and your family ***
    • Practical technology tips and tricks to reduce your exposure levels at home and at school by at least 80 percent!


    *** Now including a special section on Digital Addiction with practical hints to manage this.

    Here are some feedback comments from people who have undertaken the Schools and Families course:

    ‘A really well made course. I like the fact that you have the printable reminder and the option to email the certificate. And that you can redo the course until you get it right!’

    ‘Great eye opener to the dangers of something that’s becoming embedded in our everyday day life.’

    In addition, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Simply contact us, explain the issue, and if we are not able to resolve it we will refund you.

    Upon completion, you will be able to download a Tip Sheet to print and keep so you don’t have to remember it all. You may wish to post it somewhere visible to remind you of these important safety instructions.

    You will also receive a certificate of completion which you can print out and keep.


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