Corporate Induction Safety Awareness – Use of wireless devices

New medical research is driving regulatory changes at a country level. As these findings are released, more governments have adjusted their laws so as to protect children, vulnerable people, staff and employees from non-ionising radiation which is used to transmit data in wireless technology.

While the legislation is not mandatory or prescriptive as yet, many organisations are beginning to pro-actively safeguard their employees’ health and productivity, and prepare for compliance while public policy catches up with today’s scientific findings and medical best practices.

Wireless Education stays at the forefront of the latest research and medical recommendations in order to define best practice guidance for using technology with safety in mind in the working environment.

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  • Wireless devices connected with computer network

    Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course


    This course is designed to provide important, balanced, scientifically credible knowledge about wireless technology and the non-ionising electromagnetic radiation which is used to transmit data. It is of particular relevance if your office has moved to or is integrating a wireless, “smart” working environment.

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