Corporate Induction Safety Awareness – Protecting Staff Health and Wellness

New medical research is driving regulatory changes at a National and International level. As these findings are released, more governments have adjusted their regulatory guidance. This is focused on protecting children, vulnerable people, staff and employees. Wireless technology uses non-ionising radiation to transmit data. It requires safety precautions.

New legislation is not mandatory or prescriptive in all countries. However, many organisations are beginning to pro-actively safeguard their employees’ health and productivity. They are preparing for compliance while public policy catches up with today’s scientific findings and medical best practices. On average legislative change takes approximately ten years to catch up with definitive research published in multiple studies.

Wireless Education is at the forefront of the latest research and medical recommendations. We provide the most recent best practice guidance for using wireless technology in the working environment.

Our e-learning training course is the first to market in the world. It is focused on providing practical guidance. Specifically for staff, managers and executives who need to make informed decisions about technology implementations.

This training course allows an organisation to mitigate and reduce these risks. It also allows an appropriate response to staff who are experiencing symptoms of over exposure to radiation. It helps managers to understand the common symptoms of Electro Sensitivity and practical steps that can be taken.

It supports staff who might become ill.

Please contact us to arrange a discounted, company-wide training programme. We can assist your organisation with managing these risks.

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    Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course


    This course is designed to provide important information about wireless technology and the non-ionising electromagnetic radiation which is used to transmit data. It simplifies and explains detailed medical science and risk management issues into easy-to-understand concepts and guidelines.

    It is of particular relevance if your office uses a wireless ‘Smart’ working environment.

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