Big NTP research program confirms: RF radiation causes tumours

Big NTP research program confirms: RF radiation causes tumours

A study published by the United States National Toxicology Program (NTP) shows that exposure to cell-phone radiation caused an increase in two types of tumours, glioma and schwannoma. Over a two-year period, The NTP carried out a comprehensive study of rats exposed to standard cell-phone radiation versus unexposed rats. These rats were exposed to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) at frequencies and modulations that would have been used in the US telecommunications industry.

Not only have the exposed rats experienced an increase in glioma (malignant brain tumour) and schwannoma, but these are the same tumours that have been found in recent studies of humans with heavy mobile phone usage. Interphone, Hardell Group and CERENAT human epidemiological studies showed an increased risk of glioma (malignant brain tumour) and schwannoma (acoustic neuroma) for those heavy users who had used their mobile phone over 10 years.

The risk level has been heavily debated since the World Health Organisation (WHO)/IARC (International Agency for research on Cancer) in 2011 classified radiofrequency radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic’. With these new NTP results showing harm of widely used GSM and CDMA technologies, this classification should be strengthened to class: probably carcinogenic.

What does this mean for me and my family?

This means that you should minimise your exposure to all microwave radiation (radiofrequency radiation) emitting devices. Everybody knows that the mobile and wireless technology is extremely beneficial and users would be hard pressed to go without a mobile phone or wireless connectivity for very long. What is important to recognise is that the radiation from this technology, is not good for you or your children. Long term exposure to mobile phones, tablets and Wi-Fi will increase your chances of developing brain tumours and brain cancers. Your children stand a higher risk because the bones in their skulls are thinner and can absorb up to four times more radiation than adults. Educate yourself on the dangers of radiofrequency radiation and how to minimise exposure. Safer Tech Education provides education and services to make your technology safer to use by taking the complicated science and making it practical.

What does this mean for my business?

Risk management comes to the forefront for all businesses. Whilst the innovation of smart working has made business more mobile, more accessible and more productive at relatively low maintenance cost, minimizing the exposure of radiofrequency radiation should be at the forefront of the deployment of this technology. Minimising risk and education is key and Safer Tech Education has developed online training courses, in conjunction with industry experts, to help make safer workplace environments.