Lynne West

14th March 2017

Wireless Wise Kids book available – wireless safety education in a nutshell

Contributed by Cece Doucette Lyn McLean knows microwave radiation. She also knows children and the importance of keeping them safe from it. McLean was the former Deputy Chair of two committees that developed and updated the telecommunications code for Australia’s mobile phone base stations, and was […]
7th March 2017

Why are Some Countries Removing Wi-Fi in Schools and Others Not?

Health Reasons to Minimise Wi-Fi Exposure Contributed by Mikko Ahonen, PHD  France[1] and Russia[2] have current laws to minimise Wi-Fi exposure to children in schools. These two countries have the world’s longest research history on health effect of microwaves, both over 100 years. 1. Too many […]
3rd March 2017

Non-profit Educates Public on Microwave Radiation Risks

Already thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies world-wide indicate the microwave radiation emitted by wireless technology is biologically hazardous. Evidence of harm is linked to cancer, infertility, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, insomnia, headaches, skin abnormalities, and more. Wireless Education, a registered United Kingdom non-profit, now offers three low-cost […]