Lynne West

5th February 2019

UK Study Connects Social Media Use and Depression

That’s only half the story… In the UK there is a significant rise in teen suicides, anxiety and depression. The mental health of young people is a major concern. Many celebrities are becoming involved, turning their attention to helping young people. The UK Millennium Cohort Study1 […]
18th July 2018

Corporate Risk-Management Course to tackle digital addiction and unhealthy mobile technology use

Work-related stress and executive burnout are on the increase. Companies look to tackle this through Corporate Wellness Programmes and effective management to ensure a long-term healthy workforce. Whilst the Wellness Programmes seek to help employees with various support services, few address healthier use of mobile devices […]
6th March 2018

Generation Zapped : How the Digital Technology Age Impacts Us

Enjoy 25% Film Screening Discount of Generation Zapped in March! Wireless technology concerns have recently been the subject of media attention. More research into this area indicates that unlimited access and exposure can be biologically harmful. Digital addictions and physical illnesses from wireless radiation exposure are […]
28th February 2018

Air Gap Technology: Hardwiring Android and Windows Tablets

Contributed by Brett West Wireless technology in focus Wireless Education explores our wireless technology in a series of Air Gap Technology articles. In our first article on Air Gap Defences, we explained the importance of providing a physical barrier against network intrusion attempts into our home […]
14th February 2018

Air Gap Technology: Hardwiring your iPhone or iPad

Contributed by Brett West In our first article on Air Gap Defences,  we explained the importance of providing a physical barrier against network intrusion attempts into our home network and the added health benefits of reduced microwave radiation exposure. In this, our second article on cybersecurity […]
9th May 2017

What is Air Gap Defence Technology and How Does it Affect Me?

Contributed by Brett West As technology evolves around us, so unfortunately do the clever criminals who exploit it. I am not a cyber-security expert, but I move in the IT consultancy circles and have many friends who are cyber-security experts. There is a new buzzword that […]
29th April 2017

Corporate Risk Management of Wireless Technology – What You Need to Know

Thanks to the wireless technology boom, the profile of a typical employee has evolved over the last several decades to multi-skilled, multi-tasking individuals working longer and doing more in less time. Just as the workforce has evolved, technology has shaped organisations creating a more global presence, […]
20th April 2017

Watch the 5-part video series of the effects of Wi-Fi radiation

See how U.S. technology safety educator Cece Doucette and parent Keith Marciniak stumbled into the issues surrounding wireless radiation in this five-part series, The Dangers of Wi-Fi. Links to documents discussed are provided in the Comments section under each video on YouTube. Episode 1: Discovering the Dangers Episode 2: […]
18th April 2017

Is Wireless Technology a Public Health Threat?

Massachusetts Leads the Nation with Five Bills to Protect Citizens Contributed by Cece Doucette (Ashland, MA) Massachusetts legislators have introduced five bills this session to address public exposure to wireless radiation. Lisa Lavine Nagy, M.D., government liaison for the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, explains, “Scientific […]
22nd March 2017

Reykjavik Appeal: No Wi-Fi in Schools

The Reykjavik Appeal on Wireless Technology in Schools [1] was just released following February’s International Conference on Children, Screen Time and Wireless Radiation. The conference was held at the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, where well-known researchers and medical doctors gathered to present current findings and ratify […]