Our Aim

Our aim at Wireless Education is to provide everyone everywhere with the information needed to make informed decisions about wireless technology usage and how to reduce levels of microwave radiation exposure. Our e-learning courses are tailor-made for children, parents, teachers and industry professionals who are using wireless technology at school, in the home or in the office.

Quite simply we visualise a day when:

  • Children tell their parents to switch off the wireless router or turn their mobile into flight mode, because they learned about the risks at school.
  • Teachers are learning about microwave radiation exposure safety as part of their continued health and safety education.
  • Every parent has easy access to information about the risks of wireless technology and microwave radiation exposure, and is able to make informed decisions about the use of their family’s wireless devices.
  • IT specialists work together with occupational health and facilities managers, before building Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G / 5G working environments in an office: assessing the risks and ensuring all reasonable measures are taken to create a safer working environment.

Leading Edge Learning

We work closely with the leading research institutions worldwide to ensure we are at the forefront of the latest research. We also capture the most recent legislative changes, and the current biologically-based medical recommendations in order to provide this crucial information to wireless technology users.

All our work is aligned to the guidance issued by the Vienna Medical Association, the Council of Europe, RNCNIRP, Building Biology Standards SBM-2015 and EUROPAEM EMF 2016.

Feel free to share our information card with others in your family, schools or organisation as they join the conversation.

The team at Wireless Education

Cecelia Doucette: Director, Education Services
Cece is a technical and professional writer by trade, who helped the first public school district in the United States adopt Best Practices for Mobile Devices. Cece also worked with her public library to become the first in the nation to host a film series on Electromagnetic Radiation and Health, and to put on loan a microwave radiation detection meter for residents to borrow. She further collaborated with legislators to introduce a number of bills (in Massachusetts and in New Hampshire) addressing wireless radiation and public health, and worked with her Department of Public Health to draft EMF Fact Sheets. Cece is humbled by the opportunity to help educate global citizens through on-line course development and promotion with Wireless Education.

Mikko Ahonen (PhD): Trustee, Research & Development
Mikko has worked as a researcher at the University of Tampere in Finland and Mid Sweden University for over 20 years. During the past decade Mikko has immersed himself in bioelectromagnetics research.  He has written many scientific publications which focus on risk-management of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in schools and workplaces. Additionally, Mikko has conducted EMF surveys (measurements) and delivered risk management workshops and webinars for both corporate and educational organisations. He also brings experience in educational technology, mobile learning, videoconferencing and information systems.