The wireless phenomenon has enveloped our world. Most of us use smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi constantly. Research is telling us, however, that using these devices for sustained periods can have a negative effect on our health as they emit microwave radiation. Wireless Education is dedicated to the delivery of education for safer use of wireless technology in our homes, places of work, schools and other public buildings.

It is our sole aim to present this complex scientific information in a non-biased, easy to understand way, so that we can all learn to use wireless technologies safely. We have researched medical and scientific information so you don’t have to (although we encourage independent investigation too!).

Wireless Education e-learning courses – safer use of wireless technology

Our e-learning courses are geared toward children, teenagers, parents, teachers, medical staff, occupational health professionals, technology specialists, corporate risk managers, general employees and legal experts. They can be delivered on multiple platforms for global distribution.

We have been able to create these courses through the volunteer efforts of many scientists and specialists around the world, and through the start-up capital of socially minded business entrepreneurs.

As a not-for-profit charity, social responsibility is at the heart of what we do. Any surpluses are re-invested to keep the cost of these courses very low, create new courses, and make them available in multiple languages through our global network.

We are committed to giving back

Contact us to find out more about our Robin Hood model.  As part of our Corporate Responsibility Program, for every Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course licence purchased, we will donate a free Schools & Families Course licence to the school of your choice. Together we can teach safer technology practices to protect the children and staff members in our local school districts. Safe schools, healthy workplaces: a win-win for all.

Our intention is to make the world a safer, better place for ourselves and our children. Thank you for joining us in this mission.